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A member of The European Parkinson's Disease Association Multidisciplinary expert review panel

Latest words of support from Steve Backley OBE - Former world record Javelin champion and 3 times Olympic medalist (6 September 2014)

Danny continues to be an inspiration to us all with his can do attitude and relentless enthusiasm in the face of adversity.
It is truly amazing that despite being nearly 10 Years into being diagnosed with Parkinson's, Danny chooses to take on incredible challenges, pushing the boundary of what is possible and showing us all the impact of a positive mind.

We all wish you well not only in completing the European step challenge and the many, many hours of preparation, but also in continuing to have the strength in the battle you face every day.

Words of Roger Barker (27 May 2015)
Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and Honorary Consultant in Neurology

This is a patient of mine who has Parkinson's disease who over the years has done the most extraordinary amount of activity to raise awareness of the condition to raise funding. This is a phenomenal achievement given that he has now had the disease for twelve years. He looks incredibly well on medication in no part because of his extraordinary capacity to do long distance endurance exercise.

I am sure that he can produce a list of this if you would so like but I can simply reinforce just what an extraordinary man he is in terms of his athletic abilities especially given his condition.

About Beat Parkinsons

The Charitable Incorporated Organisation was officially registered on the register of charities on the 5 September 2013. The objects of the Charitable Incorporated Organisation are to promote health and relieve sickness in relation to Parkinsons disease in particular by:

  • Supporting research into diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the disease and
  • Raising awareness of the disease and its symptoms

Trustees are

  • Mr Danny James Lavender MBE
  • Mr Matt Eagles

The name Beat Parkinsons was created by Steve Backley OBE a friend of mine who I got to know through training together at David Lloyd Gym in Sidcup, Kent. Steve does not have Parkinsons but has supported my campaign from day 1 and is one of 2 people they truly motivate and inspire me to drive a change in the general publics awareness of Parkinsons.
The Videos on my website are my own personal selection of motivational and inspirational sounds.