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Bell Ringing Challenge – 15000 Chimes of Prince Harrys Jubilee Bell in St Jame’s Church

Starts: September 15 2013 @ 8:00am

Achieved: 15th September 2013

I was forced to retire after 4 hours and ringing 10,000 chimes due to chronic fatigue and having no strength left to ring the chimes. In addition to this I had excruciating pain from an open wound on my third right hand finger caused by the rope cutting through the skin.

This challenge is totally unique and up there with my most extreme challenges to date. Ringing Bells is known as campology and I thought of the idea one Sunday morning as I made my way to David Lloyd Gym in Sidcup, Kent. I was able to engage Dickon Love who rings the Royal bells at St Jame’s Church /Garlickhythe – Garlick Street, London into the concept and went along to his Thursday evening bell ringing practices for 3 consequective weeks. The Royal Jubilee Bells were the set that were used to lead the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant – an event viewed by millions in London and around the world. Bell ringing requires a lot of upper body core exertion, technique and coordination and I am under no illusion that this will again test my endurance aptitude and body to the limit particularly depleting the biceps and lower back. Based on rough guidelines it will take me around 6 hours and has been measured to sound one Chime for every person with Parkinson’s disease in London. The Bell I will be ringing is Prince Harry’s Jubilee bell , one of 8 and the date I will be doing the challenge is Sunday 15 September 2013 to coincide with Prince Harry’s 29 birthday.

I will succeed with this challenge to give a sound/chime and let’s raise a pound for every Parkinson’s patient in London so please come along and support me and together we can raise awareness to Parkinson’s disease and much needed funds to further research to give increased hope to finding a cure for this destructive condition on human life.

Statement from Steve Backley OBE – Danny you continue to be an inspiration to us all with your creative and physically challenging series of events. The latest feat is a demonstration of both physical and mental resilience. All the best in your build up and for the day itself.

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